4 Questions To Ask Before Selling Your House

Dated: 02/08/2019

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4 Questions To Ask Before Selling Your House

Here are 4 Important Questions to ask before selling your house. What price should I list my house for?  Will my house stand out in today's' market? What is the demand for homes to buy? How quickly are homes selling in my market? This real estate video offers information on important questions the Seller should be asking before th
ey put their home for sale.

There are a lot more questions that should be covered before the home gets on the market, and the real estate professional should be able to offer invaluable advice, guidance and assistance. The Clients of Kate Smith Group know what it takes to: "Sell Your Home For More Money", also "Why Changing Things and Small Improvement Can Gain You Thousands", or "How much can you really get for your home?" There are many strategies to maximize the home’s value.

Staging can dramatically raise the value and certain areas are more important than others. With us, you will "Learn how to neutralize your home" to make it more open to viewers, stage each room and what to take out or bring in. We will show you "Home Improvements That Improve Value" and "Which Renovations and Improvements are Worth the Investment". Homeowners are putting money into their homes and making improvements or renovations all the time. But many times, they put money into project and parts that won’t garner a return on their investment. Having our team work with you, you will find out which improvements are the best to make to boost your home’s value and find out which ones won’t be worth it.

About Kate Smith: Hollywood Realtor and Author, Kate Smith at Brosda and Bentley Realtors represents buyers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate fields. Kate's famous tagline "Everything I touch, turns to SOLD" rings true every time for over 17 years selling real estate.

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